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Release Version 2017.02 (February 15th, 2017)

1. System Tightening – Removed add reviewer ability from the macro. Macro can only add an administrative review type. Removed the ability to add yourself as a reviewer. Submit button does not appear until motion and other fields have been selected. ‘Set result’ appears for modifications even when review frequency is not filled out.
2. Added Withdraw Button Confirmation – Requires personnel type ‘WITHDRAW’ to prevent accidental withdrawing of a submission.
3. Added External sites custom input in External Performance Sites tab (IACUC).
4. Added the ability for Reviewers to be able correct the approval dates in the system.
5. Corrected the approval start date to reflect the most recent submission that was approved.
6. Resolved internal comment propagating issue.
7. Administrators will now only receive notifications when all reviews have been completed.
8. Added the ability to allow communications to be generated after the protocol has been approved.

(Clearing of browser cache recommended)

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